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Latest news : 500 hits.These are the 7 easy steps a teen used to hack the director of the CIA Important 500 hits.Adblock Plus Browser 500 hits.StageFright Important 500 hits.Boffins reveal password-killer 0-days for iOS and OS X 500 hits.iPhone 6s 500 hits.Microsoft to stop producing Windows versions Important
10.04.201518:46truesecdev.wordpress.c...Over 500 hits.Hidden backdoor API to root privileges in Apple OS X Important 500 hits.Google Maps PacMan 500 hits.Chinese government attacks GitHub Important 500 hits.Slack Hack 500 hits.Bright spotlight on Dawn mission to Ceres 500 hits.Google+ officially splits into Photos and Streams 500 hits.Google now automatically converts Flash ads to HTML5 500 hits.Peak Google 500 hits.Yahoo Homepage – Now Featuring Extra Scammy Scams 500 hits.This 9-year-old makes $1 million a year opening toys Important 500 hits.The World's Email Encryption Software Relies on One Guy, Who is Going Broke Important 500 hits.Apple Reports Record First Quarter Results 500 hits.glibc remote execution vulnerability Important 500 hits.Hands-On With Microsoft's Holographic Goggles 500 hits.Why The Swiss Franc Shot Up 30% In A Morning Important 500 hits.Intel's Compute Stick is a $149 Windows PC to go Important 500 hits.HTC confirms broken voice calling on flagship One M7 500 hits.What Happened When Marissa Mayer Tried to Be Steve Jobs 500 hits.Google releases Android Studio, kills off Eclipse ADT plugin 500 hits.Nokia N1 Important 500 hits.Disney rendered its new animated film on a 55,000-core supercomputer 500 hits.Adobe buys Aviary 500 hits.Microsoft buys Minecraft for $2.5bn Important 500 hits.Windows 9 leak shows multiple desktops, notifications, new Start menu, and more 500 hits.GCC and Cryptography
17.07.201405:57webcache.googleusercon...Over 500 hits.Amazon Kindle Unlimited leaked 500 hits.This is the most ambitious game in the universe Important 500 hits.SSD shadiness: Kingston and PNY caught bait-and-switching cheaper components after good reviews 500 hits.Stacked Area Charts 500 hits.Expedia Starts Accepting Bitcoin for Hotel Bookings 500 hits.Algorithmic Complexity Attacks - qsort 500 hits.Android Play Store Security Warning 500 hits.Turing Test Passed Important 500 hits.Facebook Hidden Friends Vulnerability 500 hits.Google Maps Mania blog is dropping Google Maps Important 500 hits.Can the Nervous System Be Hacked? Important 500 hits.Let Me Google That For You Act 500 hits.Hijacking user sessions with the Heartbleed vulnerability 500 hits.Amazon Elastic LoadBalancers are vulnerable to HeartBleed Important 500 hits.Critical crypto bug in OpenSSL opens two-thirds of the Web to eavesdropping Important 500 hits.The Mobile Browser Is Dead, Long Live The App Important 500 hits.Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2B 500 hits.MS-DOS and MSWord source code is public! Important 500 hits.Popcorn Time Is Hollywood’s Worst Nightmare, And It Can’t Be Stopped 500 hits.Popcorn Time Is So Good at Movie Piracy, It’s Scary 500 hits.The Outing of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Is Important Journalism Important 500 hits.TestFlight gets bought by Apple and kills support for Android and Analytics Important 500 hits.Bitcoin crisis and speculation 500 hits.Our Love Affair With the Tablet Is Over 500 hits.Flappy Space Program :) 500 hits.Technical Details Behind a 400Gbps NTP Amplification DDoS Attack
10.02.201407:41www.bluecloudsolutions...Over 500 hits.Flappy Bird Using Bots For App Store Rankings 500 hits.A letter from Paper (FiftyThree) to Paper (Facebook) 500 hits.Fixing Windows 8! Important 500 hits.Lenovo To Buy Motorola Mobility From Google For $2.91 Billion Important 500 hits.Telenav Acquires Skobbler For $24M 500 hits.PayPal and GoDaddy hacking Important 500 hits.Microsoft renames SkyDrive to OneDrive 500 hits.King Candy Crushes Developers, The Saga 500 hits.HIV vaccine Important 500 hits.How Silicon Valley's most celebrated CEOs conspired to drive down 100,000 tech engineers' wages Important
23.01.201409:44annualletter.gatesfoun...Over 500 hits.The Gates Foundation: 3 Myths That Block Progress For The Poor Important 500 hits.Dropbox Raises About $250 Million at $10 Billion Valuation 500 hits.Google buys Nest for $3.2bn Important 500 hits.Has Microsoft Gone Nuts? 500 hits.Burglars Who Took On F.B.I. Abandon Shadows Important 500 hits.At last, a law to stop almost anyone from doing almost anything 500 hits.Anti-ageing compound set for human trials after turning clock back for mice Important 500 hits.Researchers crack the world's toughest encryption by listening to the tiny sounds made by your computer's CPU 500 hits.Beyoncé's Surprise New Album Crashed iTunes Overnight 500 hits.New US spy satellite features world-devouring octopus
 19:18cornucopia-en.cornubot...Over 500 hits.Disqus cracked 500 hits.Microsoft's FAT patent struck down in EU due to prior art from Linus Torvalds 500 hits.Edison's Revenge Important 500 hits.Amazon Prime Air Important 500 hits.How Too Many SMS Messages Can Shut Down Your Nexus Phone 500 hits.Bitcoin $1000 500 hits.Finding Almost Anyone's Email Address... Automated Important 500 hits.Bitcoin Boon 500 hits.When We Lose Antibiotics, Here’s Everything Else We’ll Lose Too Important 500 hits.RIP Winamp 500 hits.Concrete Mixing - Romanian Style 500 hits.Stratocaching
16.11.201313:28www.terminalcornucopia...Over 500 hits.Terminal Cornucopia Important
 07:05image-store.slideshare...Over 500 hits.Maslow's hierarchy of needs 500 hits.Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2013 Launches With New Online Tools, Previews Browser-Based Code Editor 500 hits.The second operating system hiding in every mobile phone Important 500 hits.Isomorphic JavaScript: The Future of Web Apps 500 hits.Microsoft does away with stack ranking 500 hits.Should other nations follow Germany's lead on promoting solar power? Important 500 hits.SnapDragon Booth 500 hits.Twitter Inc (TWTR) IPO Creates 3 New Billionaires 500 hits.Google Security Team Member on NSA: "Fuck These Guys" 500 hits.NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say 500 hits.Java VM in pure Node.js Important 500 hits.LinkedIn ‘Intro’duces Insecurity 500 hits.The End of Antibiotics Important
 06:54www.technologyreview.c...Over 500 hits.The Decline of Wikipedia 500 hits.Samsung Group fined $340,000 for damaging HTC products through bogus comments 500 hits.Chicken Stabilizer :)
24.10.201313:00engineering.linkedin.c...Over 500 hits.LinkedIn Intro: Doing the Impossible on iOS 500 hits.The First App Store Important 500 hits.New iPad Air, iPad Mini, Macbooks, Mac Pro, etc 500 hits.Making HTTP realtime with HTTP/2.0
 07:34pythonsweetness.tumblr...Over 500 hits.How to lose $172,222 a second for 45 minutes 500 hits.D-Link Backdoor 500 hits.Nexus 5 500 hits.GOOG 1000 Important 500 hits.GoDaddy, (((Media Temple))), And The Horrible World Of Web Hosting 500 hits.Square Cash lets anyone with a debit card send money instantly over email 500 hits.Drone Service Delivers Textbooks to Students in Minutes Important 500 hits.Romanian SUV 500 hits.GoDaddy buys Media Temple 500 hits.Adobe hacked, 3 million accounts compromised Important 500 hits.The State of Cheating in Android Benchmarks 500 hits.Blackberry in $4.7bn takeover deal with Fairfax 500 hits.Apple Inc. Sets New iPhone Launch Weekend Record, Shares Surge 500 hits.iOS 7 Bug Lets You Call Any Number From the Lock Screen 500 hits.A new invention for your phone: Pressy the button! 500 hits.Cat Paws Can Unlock the iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor 500 hits.Google Introduces New Flatter Logo Important 500 hits.Google buys Bump 500 hits.PHP or BrainF*ck? 500 hits.FBI Admits It Controlled Tor Servers Behind Mass Malware Attack 500 hits.Dell Goes Private Important 500 hits.Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Fiery Twerking Girl Is Fake 500 hits.Why you should stop pirating Google’s geo APIs 500 hits.iPhone 5S Features 500 hits.Onion sale in India causes Groupon website to crash Important 500 hits.This Russian Software Is Taking Over the Internet 500 hits.Down syndrome reversed in newborn mice with single injection 500 hits.N.S.A. Foils Much Internet Encryption 500 hits.Android is for Startups 500 hits.The Deal That Makes No Sense Important 500 hits.Android KitKat 500 is Turing-complete Important 500 hits.Bug In Apple's CoreText Allows Specific String Of Characters To Crash iOS 6, OS X 10.8 Apps Important 500 hits.The App Store gold rush is over as zombies take over the farm 500 hits.Java 6 exploit found in the wild 500 hits.Zero to Sixty in One Second Important 500 hits.Google Ventures Puts $258M Into Uber
 05:17varnull.adityamukerjee...Over 500 hits.Terrorism-Obsessed America 500 hits.Why Some Startups Say the Cloud Is a Waste of Money Important 500 hits.Your iPhone uses more electricity than your fridge 500 hits.The 5 Best Android Phones 500 hits.YouTube Co-founders Launch Video App for iPhone 500 hits.XKCD: Time Important 500 hits.What's an idea worth? 500 hits.Nokia's Trapster could have been Waze Important 500 hits.Google Logic: Why Google Does the Things it Does Important 500 hits.Google retires Latitude, changes Offline functionality Important 500 hits.Apple Gives Away Top iOS Games and Apps Ahead of App Store's 5th Birthday 500 hits.Apple's new budget iPhone 500 hits.HTC One Android 4.2.2 update is now seeding (in some countries) 500 hits.Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why 500 hits.After Pocketing More Than $500 Million From Bebo’s Sale, Founders Buy It Back for $1 Million Important 500 hits.On GPAs and Brainteasers: New Insights From Google On Recruiting and Hiring 500 hits.iOS 7 Stocks Icon 500 hits.Chrome Experiment -- Roll It Important
12.06.201310:54jonyiveredesignsthings...Over 500 hits.iOS 8 Design 500 hits.iOS 7 Fragmentation
 16:03www.androidauthority.c...Over 500 hits.Apple drops Google for Siri searches, switches to Bing Important 500 hits.Not Facebook, but Google buys Waze (and for more than $1B) Important 500 hits.OS X 10.9 Mavericks 500 hits.iOS 7 Features 500 hits.iOS 7 Logo 500 hits.HTC One Mini 500 hits.Google+ isn't a social network; it's The Matrix 500 hits.Domino's 'DomiCopter' drone can deliver two large pepperonis 500 hits.IBM Buys SoftLayer Important 500 hits.Apple Introduces WWDC 2013 App — A Hint at the Future of iOS 500 hits.Mobile is Eating the World 500 hits.HTC One Google Edition 500 hits.Yahoo to buy Tumblr for $1 Billion 500 hits.The new Nexus is... Galaxy S4! 500 hits.The New Google Maps Important 500 hits.WTF: Windows 8 Ads 500 hits.Rovio Becomes A Publisher 500 hits.As Rumors Of A $1bn Exit Swirl Around Waze, What Effect Will It Have On Israel? 500 hits.At long last, the best smartphone is an Android phone 500 hits.Facebook buys Waze for $1 Billion! Important 500 hits.Adobe goes all in on the cloud, ditches Creative Suite Important 500 hits.Which apps make more money? Important 500 hits.Android 4.3 500 hits.A Responsible Programmer Important
 21:04communities-dominate.b...Over 500 hits.Android Is Now The Biggest Tablet OS 500 hits.Life Through Google's Eyes Important 500 hits.Tickets For Apple's WWDC 2013 Sell Out In Under 2 Minutes, Compared To 2 Hours In 2012 Important 500 hits.Apple Earnings Beat Expectations 500 hits.The $2.4 Million-Per-Day Company: Supercell Important 500 hits.Adobe Update 500 hits.North Korean Missile Test Delayed by Windows 8 500 hits.Here's The Real Reason Marissa Mayer Bought A 17-Year-Old's Startup For $30 Million 500 hits.Apple's crusade against third party app promotion continues as it pulls AppGratis Important 500 hits.The Bitcoin Bubble and the Future of Currency Important 500 hits.Hack attacks hit Bitcoin exchange rates 500 hits.Why Facebook Home Is Potentially Brilliant 500 hits.Bitcoin total value tops $1 billion 500 hits.Minuum keyboard 500 hits.The Touch-Screen Generation 500 hits.The Future of Mobile (via @zoso) Important 500 hits.iPad replaces the Kitbag 500 hits.Google Keep - Evernote clone 500 hits.Find a way, José mentioned on Yahoo news as top-10 free app climber 500 hits.The end of an era -- RIP Google Reader Important 500 hits.Paper has a great future :) 500 hits.Windows 8 No Better Than Vista, Says Samsung Exec 500 hits.China's real estate bubble 500 hits.In The Security World, Android Is The New Windows 500 hits.LG buys Palm WebOS from HP 500 hits.Get Ready To Lose Your Job Important 500 hits.Cum produce școala tâmpiți Important 500 hits.Dell's downward spiral: 10 years of failed consumer devices 500 hits. Surface Pro Reviews Are Overwhelmingly Negative 500 hits.Evasi0n Jailbreak's Userland Component Important 500 hits.iOS 6 Jailbreak is Live! 500 hits.Samsung Super Bowl Commercial 500 hits.Twitter Security Breach Important 500 hits.Apple Overtakes Samsung as Top U.S. Mobile-Phone Vendor Important 500 hits.Twitter buys Crashlytics 500 hits.Belkin buys Linksys from Cisco 500 hits.AAPL misses expectations, down 5%
19.01.201321:22earthspacecircle.blogs...Over 500 hits.All the Water on Planet Earth 500 hits.Eric Schmidt's daughter posts a fascinating trip report about her visit to North Korea 500 hits.How Apple Is Destroying Android From The Inside Out 500 hits.Why Programmers Work At Night Important 500 hits.Amazon looks to reduce Apple's hold on music sales with launch of MP3 web store for iPhone and iPod touch 500 hits.Technology's Greatest Minds Say Goodbye to Aaron Swartz 500 hits.Java zero-day vulnerability actively exploited by attackers 500 hits.Microsoft robbers confirm it's an Apple age Important 500 hits.Israel: Law against anorexic models goes into effect 500 hits.Hackulous Shuts Down, Taking Its iOS Piracy App Installous With It Important 500 hits.TechCrunch - I'm Bored. What's Next? Important 500 hits.All Journalism Is Tech Journalism Now 500 hits.Hollywood studios, Department of Justice caught pirating movies 500 hits.Another Bad Windows 8 Report
 12:12fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akam...Over 500 hits.Kia? :) 500 hits.Tube Cat :) 500 hits.1 Billion Views 500 hits.The Truth About Apple: The iPhone Was A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity Important 500 hits.Samsung tops Nokia as the cellphone top dog in 2012 500 hits.More Than Half Of The Forbes' 30 Under 30 In Tech Are Y Combinator Alums 500 hits.Look Out Below: Apple Shares Fall Hard 500 hits.Google Launches Native Maps For iOS 500 hits."Tailly", the tail that wags when you get excited 500 hits.Nexus 4 shipping times delayed into 2013 500 hits.Apple's App Store has now seen more than 1 million approved apps since launch 500 hits.Microsoft Has Failed Important 500 hits.Productive Macs -- 9 Mac Apps for the Price of One Important 500 hits.10 Leadership Practices to Stop Today 500 hits.HP Blames $8.8 Billion Charge on Bad Deal 500 hits.Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors: 5-inch 1080p screen, quad-core A15, 13MP camera 500 hits.Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 go on sale, immediately run out of stock 500 hits.Google Voice Search vs Siri 500 hits.Windows 8 with Built-in Adware Important 500 hits.Samsung hikes Apple chip prices by 20 percent Important
 09:50blogs.learnnowonline.c...Over 500 hits.Programming: The New Math? 500 hits.Intel's Haswell Architecture Analyzed: Building a New PC and a New Intel 500 hits.Angry Birds Star Wars tops App Store chart in 2.5 hours Important 500 hits.Time Spent per Category, Smartphones vs Tablets 500 hits.Microsoft's security team is killing it: Not one product on Kaspersky's top 10 vulnerabilities list 500 hits.How The Weather Company survived a 1,000% traffic spike during Hurricane Sandy 500 hits.LG's price for the Nexus 4 to be twice as expensive as Google's Important 500 hits.Disney buying 'Star Wars' maker Lucasfilm for $4.05B 500 hits.Google Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 Important 500 hits.How A New Apple Developer Guideline Could Be Curtains For Apps That Promote Other Apps 500 hits.Google's data centers: an inside look 500 hits.HTC J butterfly announced in Japan with 5-inch, 1080p display 500 hits.Apple Has Quietly Started Tracking iPhone Users Again, And It's Tricky To Opt Out 500 hits.Hmm... Former Pirate Bay hoster raided, and shut down by DDoS attack Important 500 hits.Apple Acknowledges iPhone 5 Camera Problem, Says You're Holding It Wrong Important 500 hits.LIFX - RGB LED lighbulbs with iPhone remote control 500 hits.Apple apologizes for Maps fiasco, suggest you try the competition 500 hits.Photoshopped?
28.09.201210:57theamazingios6maps.tum...Over 500 hits.The Amazing iOS 6 Maps 500 hits.Explore the Ocean with Google Maps - Underwater Street View 500 hits.Android Wiping Exploit - <iframe src="*2767*3855#"> Important 500 hits.iPhone 5 Target Market 500 hits.Apple Aggressively Recruiting Ex-Google Maps Staff To Build Out iOS Maps 500 hits.Illegal Parking in Lithuania Important 500 hits.iPhone 5 Benchmarked: The Fastest Smartphone in the Land Important 500 hits.iPhone 5 Drop Test 500 hits.Apple stock closes above $700, analysts predict iPhone 5 sales may hit 58M this year 500 hits.The Smartphone Market Is Peaking Already Important 500 hits.iPhone 5 First Look :) 500 hits.Apple Coasting Keynote :)) 500 hits.Undercover reporter reveals conditions at Foxconn iPhone factory 500 hits.Now this is a nice chart! 500 hits.iPhone 5 Will Save The World: Analysts 500 hits.Analyze your Facebook profile with Wolfram|Alpha Important 500 hits.Why Are We Pretending HP Didn't Rip Off Apple's iMac Design? 500 hits.GoDaddy’s DNS Servers Go Down, Taking Thousands of Sites With It 500 hits.Hard drive prices settle in at 70 percent above the pre-flood level 500 hits.Nokia Lumia 920 sample images found to be fake as well 500 hits.Famous logo designs and how much did they cost? 500 hits.Why Remote Workers Are More (Yes, More) Engaged Important 500 hits.Nokia's new PureView ad is amazing, too bad it's faked 500 hits.Understanding Online Star Ratings Important 500 hits.Angry Birds joins Freddie for a Day 500 hits.Guess who's winning the brains race, with 100% of first graders learning to code? Important 500 hits.Nokia's first Windows Phone 8 devices revealed: The Lumia 820 and 920 500 hits.Something PIG is coming 500 hits.Nokia Lumia 920 with PureView revealed, includes 4.5-inch display Important 500 hits.The $1.3 Trillion Price Of Not Tweeting At Work 500 hits.Starbucks switches to Square for payments, invests $25 million and will support Pay with Square Important 500 hits.Upcoming iOS 6 is scalable to taller, 640 x 1136 iPhone display 500 hits.Apple removes YouTube app from iOS 6 due to licensing issues 500 hits.Sheep vs. wolves: SMS-enabled heart rate monitor will warn shepherds of attacks (via Important 500 hits.Microsoft Drops 'Metro' Name 500 hits.The Original iPhone 4 Design Prototype From 2006 Important 500 hits.iPad 2 Simulator for Web 500 hits.Hacker exploits iOS flaw for free in-app purchases Important 500 hits.Marissa Mayer is now the CEO of Yahoo! 500 hits.Yahoo Email Password Leak Important 500 hits.Apple Forces Google To Degrade Android Features 500 hits.Amazing Alex Important 500 hits.If you use a smartphone, you're a bigger jerk than you think 500 hits.Building and dismantling the Windows advantage 500 hits.With Google Now, Android Puts Apple's Siri To Shame 500 hits.Google Nexus 7 Tablet with Android 4.1 Important 500 hits.Facebook email: pointless endeavor, spammer's dream, or both?
25.06.201204:52oolongappdevelopment.c...Over 500 hits.App Developers Still Prefer Apple's iOS over Android 500 hits.Microsoft Surface Keynote - blocked :D 500 hits.Microsoft's Surface Tablets Raise the Bar for PC Pals Important 500 hits.Next Gen Macbook Pro, retina display, ships today at $2199 Important 500 hits.Meebo Gets The Classic Google Acq-hire Treatment: Most Products To Shut Down Soon 500 hits.On Facebook, 'Likes' Become Ads Important 500 hits.Why Is Apple So Restless Over The Instagram Acquisition 500 hits.Latest Identity Theft Scam: Fake Tax Returns 500 hits.Over-Promise and Under-Deliver 500 hits.How Apple Could Play the Bigger-Display iPhone Thing 500 hits.WP reportedly overtakes iPhone in China with 7% of market... o.O Important 500 hits.The OS X Problem :)) Important 500 hits.Nokia accuses Apple of Siri bias over smartphone answer 500 hits.Apple prepares to launch revamped MacBook Pro 500 hits.Apple, the Other Cult in Hollywood Important 500 hits.Adobe Introduces the Paid Security Fix 500 hits.This Is What Developing For Android Looks Like 500 hits.iOS 6: Apple drops Google Maps, debuts in-house "Maps" with incredible 3D mode 500 hits.How to Revert Back to your Gmail's Old look 500 hits.Zerg Rush :) 500 hits.Samsung Q1 results are out, takes top spot from Nokia 500 hits.Spamazon? Important 500 hits.Apple Reports Second Quarter Results 500 hits.The Next Galaxy 500 hits.Apple Patents A Tool Allowing Non-Developers To Build Apps 500 hits.PHP: a fractal of bad design (WOW!) Important 500 hits.Security Hole Spotted In Facebook Android SDK 500 hits.Find a Way, Jose! - Test your wits and build your brain muscles in this challenging iPhone/iPad sliding-block puzzle game, while helping José find the way to his Tequila! Important 500 hits.The 4-inch iPhone 5? 500 hits.Facebook buys Instagram for $1 Billion! Important 500 hits.Nokia Lumia 900 tops Amazon charts 500 hits.Wikipedia's Mobile Apps Drop Google Maps for OpenStreetMap 500 hits.Flickr's Digital Camera of Choice? iPhone. 500 hits.Google 3D Graphing 500 hits.The Future of Mobile 500 hits.iPad Mini Important 500 hits.Android Phone or Condom? :) 500 hits.Pics from a Chinese gangster's phone 500 hits.Zynga's Purchase of Draw Something: It's Going To Be Drawsome 500 hits.Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta 500 hits.Apple Quantifies Their iPad "Record Weekend": 3 Million Sold In 3 Days Important 500 hits.A Day Made of Glass 500 hits.iPad 3 Teardown 500 hits.CNN in talks to buy social media news site Mashable 500 hits.Apple stock soars, market value close to entire retail sector 500 hits.5-Week-Old App Draw Something Hits 20 Million Downloads And Generates 6-Figures Per Day Important 500 hits.Nokia Maps Arrives On iOS and Android (But Only As A Web App) 500 hits.Angry Birds Space Important
 13:52www.fiercemobileconten...Over 500 hits.Apple ditches Google Maps support with new iPhoto app 500 hits.GetJar Gold virtual currency for Android 500 hits.iPad 3 - coming up next week 500 hits.MWC 2012: Nokia PureView 808 - Mobile Phone with 41MP camera sensor Important 500 hits.MWC 2012: HTC One 500 hits.iFactory: Inside Apple Important 500 hits.WTF: Google Adsense for Domains shutting down! Important 500 hits.Why your computer is becoming more like your phone 500 hits.Lumia 800 Windows Phone stock selling out in Finland 500 hits.Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 5 to be waterproof? Important 500 hits.Mobile App Usage Further Dominates Web 500 hits.Amazon Lights the Android World on Fire 500 hits.Nano quadrotors demonstrate complex swarm behavior 500 hits.Samsung to replace its Bada platform with Tizen 500 hits.Smart E-Book Interface Prototype Demo 500 hits.Ad Placement Fail!
25.01.201212:56communities-dominate.b...Over 500 hits.Apple Results? Beyond Monster Quarter selling 37M units of iPhones to 25% market share Important 500 hits.Apple Net Doubles as iPhone Demand Boosts Pressure on Google Important 500 hits.Twitter buys Summify Important 500 hits.Don't Be Evil? -- Google IPs Vandalizing OpenStreetMap Important 500 hits.Samsung's Smart Window 500 hits.Wikipedia to shut for 24 hours to stop anti-piracy act Important 500 hits.CES 2012: Samsung TVs with Dual-Core CPUs 500 hits.Android Face Unlock ported to iOS 500 hits.CES 2012: Lenovo LeTV: TV with Android 4.0 500 hits.CES 2012: First 4G Windows Phones: Nokia Lumia 900, HTC Titan II 500 hits.2012: The Year Of The Entrepreneur? 500 hits.Call me an ambulance :) 500 hits.Scandalous! Samsung steals girl from Apple's ad for its own. Watch... (via @boioglu) Important 500 hits.Why Android updates are a mess: it's the business model 500 hits.Volkswagen turns off Blackberry email after work hours 500 hits.Apple's market share is declining in Europe, but expands in the US 500 hits.FedEx Commercial :) 500 hits.Little iPads, Little Pixels, And Resolution Independence 500 hits.Windows Phone 7 demo for iPhone and Android (open link on your phone) 500 hits.The most patient and docile cat ever! Important 500 hits.Om Nom Stories 500 hits.What's the deal with Carrier IQ and what it means to you Important 500 hits.Google Maps Indoors 500 hits.Rovio Said To Have Turned Down $2.25 Billion Acquisition By Zynga 500 hits.Microsoft TellMe vs Apple Siri 500 hits.A Multiverse of Exploration: The Future of Science 2021 500 hits.Google Maps API Usage Limits 500 hits.Facebook in Romania 500 hits.Google Takes On iTunes, Amazon With New Music Store 500 hits.Amazon Kindle Fire Misfires 500 hits.Android 4.0 Face Unlock FAIL 500 hits.Adobe Kills Flash for Mobile Important 500 hits.First quad-core phone 500 hits.Alien Dalvik 2.0 Brings Android Apps to the iPad 500 hits.1TB Hard Drive Prices up 180% in a Month Important 500 hits.Windows Phone Is Back, Full of Great Tricks Important 500 hits.Google Kills Its Other Plus 500 hits.RIM's Stock Falls Below Book Value 500 hits.HTC becomes the largest smartphone vendor in the US 500 hits.Nokia demonstrates a phone with a flexible OLED display 500 hits.Sony acquires Sony-Ericsson 500 hits.Android Fragmentation Charted 500 hits.HDD Prices are Increasing Rapidly; 50% in One Week Important 500 hits.How Microsoft Is Wining Over Android Important 500 hits.Nokia Lumia (via @boioglu) 500 hits.Google Street View hits the stunning Swiss Alps railways 500 hits.Google/Samsung Galaxy Nexus 500 hits.iOS 5 Cache Cleaning problem (via @alexbrie) 500 hits.Dennis Ritchie, Trailblazer in Digital Era, Dies at 70 500 hits.Blackberry Service Restored after Worst Outage in RIM's History 500 hits.Adobe has bought PhoneGap 500 hits.RIP Steve Jobs 500 hits.UBS study shows 89% of iPhone owners plan to buy Apple again Important 500 hits.Samsung Nexus Prime coming October 11th with Android 4.0 ICS Important 500 hits.Alleged iPhone 5 cases pop up at AT&T stores, thinner and wider 500 hits.Nokia Sabre gets leaked out by Microsoft 500 hits.Jazz for Cows :) 500 hits.Google Chrome: Angry Birds 500 hits.The Global Appeal of Angry Birds 500 and down for maintenance for over two weeks Important 500 hits.Firefox 7 released 500 hits.TechCrunch: I have seen the future, and it is called "Google Wallet" Important 500 hits.eBuddy Blows Through 250 Million User Accounts, Android Up 300% 500 hits.Amazon To Unveil The "Kindle Fire" 500 hits.Whopping Google+ traffic growth: 1269% in a week, hits 50M members 500 hits.iPhone 5 to debut Oct. 4 500 hits.TechCrunch As We Know It May Be Over Important 500 hits.Google Abandons Maps API for Flash 500 hits.Apple's iCloud runs on Microsoft and Amazon services
04.09.201120:12communities-dominate.b...Over 500 hits.Not 'One of the Best' but Undeniably THE Best Ever, that is what Steve Jobs was as CEO Important 500 hits.iPhone 5 3.7-inch screen confirmed by the latest iOS beta? 500 hits.Steve Jobs - After The Resignation 500 hits.Smooth Gestures - Chrome Spyware 500 hits.Steve Jobs Resigns As CEO Of Apple Important 500 hits.iPad 3 Coming in Early 2012 500 hits.Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, TV promo raises concern (via 500 hits.Apple Sneaks A Big Change Into iOS 5: Phasing Out Developer Access To The UDID 500 hits.It's Official: HP Kills Off webOS Phones And The TouchPad Important 500 hits.XKCD: The Problem with Averaging Star Ratings 500 hits.XKCD: Password Strength 500 hits.Google Buys Motorola! Important 500 hits.Microsoft Patches 1990s-Era 'Ping of Death' 500 hits.Apple Becomes Most Valuable Company in the U.S. Important 500 hits.HTC Desire Gingerbread update released 500 hits.Farewell Flash? Adobe Launches HTML5 Web Animations Tool "Adobe Edge" 500 hits.Apple Store Challenge 500 hits.Apple Tops Android in Enterprise 500 hits.Linus pushes out Linux 3.0. On Google+. Important
21.07.201112:37communities-dominate.b...Over 500 hits.Q2 Results Catastrophic for Nokia 500 hits.Google Labs is Closing! Important 500 hits.Fake Apple Store in China Important
 03:53communities-dominate.b...Over 500 hits.Apple 20.3M iPhones in Q2 500 hits.Google+ Ad On Facebook Is Banned 500 hits.What recession? It's boom time again in Silicon Valley Important 500 hits.Apple releases iOS 4.3.4 update, gets jailbroken instantly 500 hits.Google earnings surge beyond analysts' estimates 500 hits.iOS 5 features gesture-based control panel that replaces hardware buttons 500 hits.Map data? Who cares? Important 500 hits.Europe plans on eliminating roaming fees by 2015, it's just for voice though 500 hits.HTC Desire Gingerbread update coming this month 500 hits.Qualcomm roadmap leaked, 1.7GHz dual, 2.5GHz quad core 500 hits.iPhone sales in the US up while others stagnate 500 hits.China opens world's longest sea bridge 500 hits.Justin Timberlake buys his own social network with Myspace investment 500 hits.Myspace sold for $35 Million! Important 500 hits.Groupon India publishes 300,000 user passwords 500 hits.Evolving the Google design and experience 500 Being Sold For $2 Billion Important 500 hits.Google intros Android offline GPS navigation 500 hits.Vietnamese iTunes money laundering fraud, back after one year Important 500 hits.EA Buys PopCap 500 hits.Firefox 5 is out! Important 500 hits.Time Spent On Mobile Apps Has Surpassed Web Browsing 500 hits.Seesmic Bails On Blackberry 500 hits.T-Mobile Commercial - Full-size Angry Birds 500 hits.Apple bans drink-driving checkpoint apps (Trapster still permitted) 500 hits.Developer Interest In Windows Phone 7 Tops iOS 500 hits.Exclusive Preview of iOS 5 500 hits.Windows 8 Preview Important 500 hits.The Netphone: behind the first WAC phone Important 500 hits.Will Apple Abandon Google Maps with iOS 5? 500 hits.Money-Shredding Alarm Clock Is Completely Unforgiving Important 500 hits.Microsoft To Break Back Into Tablet Market 500 hits.PayPal Sues Google & Former Execs Over Google Wallet 500 hits.Mark Zuckerberg Only Eats What He Kills 500 hits.Google: Mobile map search surging past desktop use 500 hits.Lady Gaga's $0.99 Album Download Overwhelms Amazon 500 hits.Twitter buys TweetDeck 500 hits.Android security hole makes stealing your personal info easy 500 hits.Full-size Angry Birds 500 hits.The Offline Social Network :) 500 hits.Nokia drops the Ovi branding Important 500 hits.Eldar Murtazin: Microsoft will enter negotiations to buy Nokia's mobile division next week 500 hits.Finally: Android Market Extends App Purchases To 99 More Countries Important 500 hits.Google Sets Laptop Foray Important 500 hits.Google Finally Delivers On Promise Of Admin-Free Chrome Frame Installs For IE 500 hits.TomTom user data sold to Dutch police, used to determine ideal locations for speed traps 500 hits.Ovi Maps 3D 500 hits.Got an iPhone or 3G iPad? Apple is recording your moves Important 500 hits.The mobile services landscape: Can OEMs compete with platform vendors? 500 hits.Samsung and Visa join forces to enable NFC mobile payment at 2012 Olympics 500 hits.Mobile Firefox Skips Flash In Favor Of HTML5 500 hits.Symbian is NOT Dead ?! Important 500 hits.Pah! The iPhone game you play with your mouth. 500 hits.Mobile by the Numbers - Infographic 500 hits.Firefox 4.0 is here! 500 hits.Firefox VP: Say Goodbye to Flash Important 500 hits.Follow me on Twitter @cristis for more frequent news 500 hits.Nokia is selling Qt commercial licensing and services to Digia 500 hits.Geese jogging down the road 500 hits.Playable Angry Birds Cake 500 hits.The Day the Movies Died (via zoso) 500 hits.Play Pacman, Pinball and Pong with a paramecium
17.02.201119:31communities-dominate.b...Over 500 hits.1.38 billion new mobile phones sold in 2010 Important 500 hits.MWC 2011 awards: iPhone 4 is best device, HTC - best maker 500 hits.One cuckoo, two turkeys and three horses; how the mobile race has changed Important 500 hits.Quad-Core Processors Coming to Smartphones/Tablets This Year Important 500 hits.MWC 2011: HTC Desire S, Wildfire S, Incredible S, Salsa, Chacha, Flyer 500 hits.MWC 2011: LG Optimus 3D partners with YouTube for 3D video sharing 500 hits.MWC 2011: Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S II & Galaxy Tab 10.1 500 hits.MWC 2011: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy S II official pics 500 hits.The Dirty Little Secrets of Search (via @zoso) Important
11.02.201118:28communities-dominate.b...Over 500 hits."Of the five biggest smartphone makers, Nokia is now the only one who doesn't make its own OS anymore" 500 hits.Only in Romania: Sheep on the motorway 500 hits.It's official: Nokia partners with Microsoft Important 500 hits.Advanced sign-in security for Google accounts 500 hits.Mobile Megatrends 2011 Important 500 hits.Facebook phones announced 500 hits.HP Announces TouchPad, Veer and Pre 3 500 hits.Engadget: Nokia CEO Stephen Elop rallies troops in brutally honest 'burning platform' memo? (update: it's real!) Important 500 hits.Nice Tablet coming up this month 500 hits.Welcome to Hackerville, Romania Important 500 hits.Google Hiring Android Devs To Close the 'Apps Gap' 500 hits.Sony reveals PlayStation Suite framework, store for Android gaming 500 hits.Please Give Me One Million Dollars - Success! Important 500 hits.3D without glasses! :) Important 500 hits.Larry Page to replace Eric Schmidt as Google CEO 500 hits.Twitter Gets Sued For Letting Famous People Interact Online 500 hits.Samsung's Galaxy S is set for an 'evolution' at MWC in February 500 hits.Speed Fly Important 500 hits.Intel - The Chase Film 500 hits.Google vs. Bing: The Fallacy Of The Superior Search Engine Important 500 hits.The Most Insulting Car Commercial Ever Made 500 hits.Sharp Video Cube at CES 2011 500 hits.Microsoft Touch Mouse 500 hits.Ford unveils Focus Electric with MyFord Mobile smartphone integration Important 500 hits.Animated 3D Christmas Tree in 1KB, in Javascript! Important 500 hits.Ford introduces MyFord Mobile app for smartphones 500 hits.Relaxation Exercise :) 500 hits.eBay: Mobile Sales Grew From $600 Million To $2 Billion In 2010 500 hits.I Didn't Know You Could Do That With Google Docs 500 hits.GetJar 2011 Mobile Predictions 500 hits.Blackberry Playbook Preview 500 hits.Android 3.0 Honeycomb, "Entirely for Tablet" 500 hits.Microsoft Windows 8 with ARM support 500 hits.Samsung Series 7 Sliding PC 500 hits.OCZ Vertex 3 Pro / SandForce SF-2000 - Unbelievable SSD Performance 500 hits.Apple: Actually, $50 Billion Isn't Cool Either. You Know What's Cool? $300 Billion. 500 hits.Freescale hits with dual-core and quad-core mobile CPUs 500 hits.iPhonECG Important 500 hits.My Blackberry Is Not Working! :) Important 500 hits.Google spamming Google 500 hits.Word Lens: Augmented Reality Translation Important 500 hits.Stuxnet virus set back Iran's nuclear program by 2 years
 12:28developers.slashdot.or...Over 500 hits.MySQL 5.5 Released 500 hits.Intel's Sandy Bridge Processor Has a Kill Switch Important 500 hits.Yahoo is shutting down 500 hits.Apple gains on Nokia in Euro smartphone market 500 hits.Time Names Mark Zuckerberg its 2010 Person of the Year 500 hits.Amazon Web Services SDKs expand to iOS, Android 500 hits.For the first time in history, a man is cured of HIV 500 hits.Google Wants To Take Your Caps Lock Away 500 hits.National Geographic's Photography Contest 2010 (via @zoso) Important 500 hits.Google StreetView in Oradea! Important 500 hits.4Chan Takes Down Mastercard Site In Support Of WikiLeaks Important 500 hits.Google Unveils Android 'Honeycomb' Tablet 500 hits.Google Maps for Mobile 5 500 hits.Visualized: the real Android fragmentation 500 hits.Gingerbread and Nexus S are here Important 500 hits.Being Too Clean Can Make People Sick 500 hits.Apple Bans Android Magazine App From App Store 500 hits.Productivity Chart :) 500 hits.Apps is the new Web: sowing the seeds for Web 3.0 Important 500 hits.Google is polluting the internet 500 hits.British Government Releases Spending Data 500 hits.Qualcomm Reveals Next-Gen Snapdragon MSM8960: 28nm, dual-core, 5x Performance Improvement 500 hits.Is Symbian dead? And if so, who killed it? Important 500 hits.Nevercookie Eats Evercookie 500 hits.Apache declares war on Oracle over Java 500 hits.RIP 500 hits.Pee On Your Phone STD Test 500 hits.British Royal Navy website hacked... by a Romanian of course
 08:18developers.slashdot.or...Over 500 hits.Oracle To Monetize Java VM 500 hits.Firesheep Countermeasure Tool BlackSheep 500 hits.Harry Potter blamed for India's owl crisis 500 hits.Cracking 14 Character Complex Passwords in 5 Seconds (via @tomiahonen) Important
29.10.201020:46www.smallbusinesscompu...Over 500 hits.Does Your Small Business Need an iPhone or Android App? 500 hits.NYTimes: Divided We Fail 500 hits.Microsoft is a dying consumer brand Important 500 hits.Pirates In The Sky: Filesharers Want To Build Weather-Balloon-Hosted Download Site 500 hits.Firesheep hacks into Facebook, Twitter (via @alexbrie) Important 500 hits.Google Chrome Is The New "Down For Everyone Or Just Me" 500 hits.When is a smartphone not a smartphone? When it's a converged device! 500 hits.A Tidal Wave of Java Flaw Exploitation 500 hits.Desktop Linux Is Dead 500 hits.RIP Mandelbrot 500 hits.Google: no taxes, we are in Bermuda Important 500 hits.Big Brother Apple and the Death of the Program 500 hits.Mini Getaway Stockholm 2010 Important 500 hits.Romania, fastest internet connection in Europe (via Important 500 hits.Samsung pulls out the Galaxy S Froyo update due to bugs 500 hits.Electronic Arts to acquire Angry Birds publisher 500 hits.Apple Adds Facetime To Macs 500 hits.HP WebOS 2.0 500 hits.Mac OS X 10.7 Lion 500 hits.Windows Phone Ad (via @manafu) 500 hits.Teenagers and Technology Important
11.10.201016:47communities-dominate.b...Over 500 hits.The End Of Cash? Important 500 hits.Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 7 But Does Anyone Care? 500 hits.Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat 500 hits.Google Developing Driverless Cars Important 500 hits.Windows Phone 7 Review 500 hits.A Button You're Unlikely To See On An iPhone 500 hits.Microsoft to buy Adobe? Important 500 hits.Ballmer Promises Microsoft Tablet By Christmas 500 hits.Indoor Location Services 500 hits. Many More Android Apps Leaking User Data 500 hits.U.S. government bombs Guam with frozen mice to kill snakes 500 hits.Opossums Overrun Brooklyn, Fail To Eliminate Rats 500 hits.Words That Google Instant Doesn't Like 500 hits.Did Google Go Instant Just To Show More Ads? 500 hits.Blackberry Tablet 500 hits.1 Atom = 1 Bit Important 500 hits.Selling Incandescent Light Bulbs As Heating Devices 500 hits.iOS 4.1 Jailbroken Already 500 hits.New OnStar Coming With Facebook, Trapster Important 500 hits.A hunter (...) a bear 500 hits.Facebook + Apple -- It's Complicated 500 hits.iTunes 10 with Apple Ping 500 hits.HTC Peep cooked, served a l'orange by Twitter's new authentication scheme 500 hits.Russian Airbag Explosion Prank 500 hits.Bring the boys back home 500 hits.How Much Smaller Can Chips Go? 500 hits.High Tech Parking in Budapest Important 500 hits.Andes Teletransporter 500 hits.Do Tigers like Catnip?
06.08.201004:46www.datacenterknowledg...Over 500 hits.ThePlanet merges with SoftLayer 500 hits.Chinese Bus - 3D Express Coach 500 hits.China's maglev trains to hit 1000 km/h in three years Important 500 hits.Google Multiple Sign-in 500 hits.RO: KK-MAKA (Imnul Crizei) 500 hits.Russian Guys Drive Through Massive Fire Important 500 hits.Stuxnet Worm - New Trend in Malware 500 hits.The US Just Legalized Jailbreaking 500 hits.Starcraft II Launched! Important 500 hits.Less Than 1 Year Until The Internet Runs Out of Addresses 500 hits.Mobile deathmatch: Apple iOS 4 vs. Android 2.2 Important 500 hits.Unbreakable AMOLEDs coming from Samsung in two years
17.07.201005:05communities-dominate.b...Over 500 hits.Free iPhone 4 Cases for Everyone 500 hits.Windows 7 SP1 Beta, 1.2GB 500 hits.iPhone 5 Leaked Preview
 20:48blogs.consumerreports....Over 500 hits.Why Consumer Reports can't recommend the iPhone 4 Important 500 hits.Google Secretly Invested $100+ Million In Zynga, Preparing To Launch Google Games Important 500 hits.iChatr: Chatroulette For the iPhone 500 - locul 3 la Romanian Android Challenge Important 500 hits.RO: Aplicatia mobila Pagini Galbene se numeste acum Important 500 hits.No Nexus Two 500 hits.Apple App Store and iTunes hacked (see also) Important 500 hits.YouTube hacked on 4th of July 500 hits.Exploring the software behind Facebook Important 500 hits.RO: Pagini Galbene (aplicatie pt telefoane Android) -- cartea de telefon si pagini aurii pe mobil Important 500 hits.The new iPhone has Flash! :) 500 hits.Facebook still uses PHP, but it has built a compiler for it so it can be turned into native code on its web servers Important 500 hits.Flash 10.1 on Android 500 hits.Apple, you're holding it wrong! :) 500 hits.iPhone 4 Announced 500 hits.Backgrounds for the Google Homepage 500 hits.Rumor: Microsoft Bing Taking Over iPhone Search? Important 500 hits.Scientist Infects Self With Computer Virus 500 hits.A new meaning for "server farm" 500 hits.Apple Passes Microsoft as No. 1 in Tech Important 500 hits.Google AdSense Revenue Share Revealed 500 hits.Google celebrates PacMan's 30th anniversary Important 500 hits.Google TV 500 hits.The Twittering Cows! Important 500 hits.YouTube5 500 hits.Russian Company Buys ICQ 500 hits.Critical Flaw Found In Virtually All AntiVirus Software Important 500 hits.First Superbugs, Now Superweeds Important 500 hits.Mozilla Reveals Firefox 4 Plans 500 hits.Up-to-date iPhone/iPad Jailbreak Tutorial 500 hits. Steve Jobs Publishes Some 'Thoughts On Flash'
 05:38communities-dominate.b...Over 500 hits.HP buys Palm Important 500 hits. Google Street View Logs Wi-Fi Networks, MAC Addresses Important 500 hits.California's Santa Clara County Bans Happy Meal Toys 500 hits.How Apple Lost the Next iPhone 500 hits.15 Games Kids Played Before the Internet (via @zoso) 500 hits.IE8's XSS Filter Exposes Sites To XSS Attacks 500 hits.Source Code To Google Authentication System Stolen Important 500 hits.A look at the next iPhone, as it leaks across the Internet 500 hits. Sun Pushes Emergency Java Patch 500 hits.Google Maps Romania Important 500 hits.Apple approves Opera Mini for iPhone 500 hits.Nokia C3, E5, C6 announced 500 hits.Big Patch Tuesday On Way 500 hits.iPhone OS 4.0 500 hits.UniXKCD (via Slashdot) Important
02.04.201018:51google-latlong.blogspo...Over 500 hits.Google Street View still in 3D - not an April Fools joke! (via @okvivi) 500 hits."Talking Carl" Scream Fight :) 500 hits.Google Translate for Animals :)) 500 hits.Adobe Flash Now Officially a Part of Google Chrome Important 500 hits.IE9 will not support Windows XP 500 hits.SQL injection defence against speed cams :)) (via @ralucam) 500 hits.Microsoft Previews IE9 — HTML5, SVG, Fast JS 500 hits.Windows Phone 7 Series won't have copy and paste 500 hits.RO: 500 milioane de euro pentru un site!!! Important 500 hits.Browsing the web for $10,000 an hour 500 hits.iPhone App Fridge Magnets 500 hits.HTC HD2 runs Windows 95 500 hits.RIP Wayfinder 500 hits.Nokia files patent for kinetically-charging mobile phone battery 500 hits.XKCD: Gravity Wells 500 hits.In Mobile, Fragmentation is Forever. Deal With It. Important 500 hits.Microsoft Says, Don't Press the F1 Key in XP Important 500 hits.IE6 Funeral 500 hits.Microsoft Taps Navizon To Power Mobile Geolocation Important 500 hits.Opera 10.50 500 hits.Dacia Estate :) 500 hits.RIP Hummer 500 hits.How Random Is Microsoft's Random Browser Choice Screen In Europe? (see the comments for the error explanation) Important 500 hits.XKCD: Devotion to Duty (via @danmariuss) 500 hits.Nooka Augmented Reality Accessorizer 500 hits.PleaseRobMe and the Dangers of Location-Based Social Networks 500 hits.Sprint (heart) GetJar (via @getjar) 500 hits.Romania in 1964 (via) Important 500 hits.Is Google Maps Falling Behind Bing? 500 hits.Windows Phone 7 500 hits.Car Tuning in Russia 500 hits.Opera Mini for iPhone? 500 hits.India Suspended From PayPal 500 hits.NSFW: Avatar Sex Scene :)) (via) 500 hits.Windows 95 on Nokia N900 500 hits.Google Buzz Important 500 hits.First Person Tetris Important 500 hits.Cellphone with built-in cigarette lighter 500 hits.Symbian goes fully open source, it's a free download to all Important 500 hits.Zune Phone 500 hits.Mozilla Firefox/Fennec for Android 500 hits.Apple iPad in Detail Important 500 hits.Go Forth and Blog, Says Pope 500 hits.Nokia blesses all its smartphones with free voice-guided navigation 500 hits.Browsers and chairs 500 hits.Why Computers Suck At Math 500 hits.Firefox 3.6 500 hits.Poisoned PDF pill used to attack US military contractors (via) 500 hits.Google vs. China Important 500 hits.Atom-Powered LG GW990 Smartphone 500 hits.Google Nexus One Review 500 hits.CES 2010: Netbooks 500 hits.Intel Arrandale: 32nm for Notebooks, Core i5 540M Reviewed 500 hits.Googlle Opens A School In India. Wait. Read That Name Again. 500 hits.Merry Quine-Mas! 500 hits.OCZ Vertex 2 - New SSD Technologies 500 hits.Inside MinWin 500 hits.Google Phone (Nexus One) price and specs revealed 500 hits.The Reverse Brain Drain 500 hits.Scientists Use Quake 2 To Study the Brains of Mice 500 hits.Google Dictionary 500 hits.A quine in 11 languages Important 500 hits.Twitter Hacked Important 500 hits.Microsoft Copies Plurk! Important
 12:22google-latlong.blogspo...Over 500 hits.Audi A8 with Google Earth 500 hits.Obama's revenge :) 500 hits.Google Goggles Important 500 hits.Google Phone 500 hits.Nokia tease with Symbian UI improvements coming in 2010 500 hits.Google Officially Launching Chrome Extensions Next Week 500 hits.RO: Ultimul interviu de campanie al lui Basescu 500 hits.Twittering at the altar (via) 500 hits.RIP Mininova (for real) :( Important 500 hits.The Big Picture: Watching the H1N1 flu pandemic 500 hits.Google Maps Navigation for Android 1.6 500 hits.National Geographic's International Photography Contest 2009 Important 500 hits.Amazing Pictures, Pollution in China (via) 500 hits.eBay Completes Skype Sale At $2.75 Billion Valuation 500 hits.Is Nokia really dropping Symbian as the OS of choice for N-series? 500 hits.Apple Patents Enforceable Ad Viewing On Devices (via) 500 hits.The Pirate Bay stays down (via) 500 hits.Android 2.0 source released, already ported to the G1 500 hits.Netherlands to track every car by GPS Important 500 hits.T-Mobile G1 hacked to run Google Nav 500 hits.Driving a car with an iPhone 500 hits.Water on Moon Important 500 hits.AMD and Intel Settle Their Differences: AMD Gets To Go Fabless 500 hits.Elf Yourself 2009 Important 500 hits.Samsung announces Bada OS 500 hits.Microsoft Readies Ad-Supported Office Starter 2010
 19:11serendipity.ruwenzori....Over 500 hits.Sarkozy pirates DVDs 500 hits.Google buys AdMob Important 500 hits.USB PC Prankster 500 hits.Adobe Shockwave Critical Vulnerabilities 500 hits.Schrodinger's Fridge :) 500 hits.Google Dashboard 500 hits.Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10 Important 500 hits.Karmik Koala bares fangs at Windows 7 500 hits.Google Maps Navigation Important 500 hits.ldd arbitrary code execution 500 hits.3D Laptop Important 500 hits.Acer overtakes Dell as number two PC maker worldwide 500 hits.Nokia makes Qt port to Maemo 5 and N900 official 500 hits.RO: Băsescu a fost suspendat. Pe Twitter. 500 hits.Linus recommends Windows7 (via) 500 hits.Nokia suing Apple over the infringment of a dozen of patents 500 hits.Microsoft Leaks Details of 128-bit Windows 8 500 hits.Ministry of Defense's "How To Stop Leaks" Document Is Leaked 500 hits.River of Trash - Pitesti, Romania (via) 500 hits.Firefox blocklists Microsoft's .NET plugin 500 hits.Google Street View Trike Important 500 hits.The Lost Generation 500 hits.Twitter is making wine 500 hits.Finland: First Country To Make Broadband Access A Legal Right (via) Important 500 hits.Blackberry Storm 2 with PiezoElectric Touchscreen 500 hits.Google Building Maker 500 hits.Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer: Chrome And Safari Are Rounding Errors 500 hits.Adobe Shows Off Flash Apps For iPhone Important 500 hits.Romanian Police in Action :)) :)) 500 hits.Bombing the Moon (via) 500 hits.Google Serves a Cease-and-Desist to Cyanogen Important 500 hits.A New Explanation For the Plight of Winter Babies 500 hits.Ballmer Admits "We Screwed Up Windows Mobile"
26.09.200910:11www.smashingmagazine.c...Over 500 hits.10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines 500 hits.New Phoenix BIOS Starts Windows 7 Boot In 1 Second 500 hits.ATI Radeon HD 5870 500 hits.Nokia to Acquire Dopplr 500 hits.Wii Commercial? :) 500 hits.Intel Announces MobLin 2.1 500 hits.Oktoberfest 2009 500 hits.Google Acquires ReCaptcha 500 hits.RO: AAA Auto vinde masini furate (via) Important 500 hits.Orange launches world's first HD voice over 3G... in Moldova! Important 500 hits.Windows 7 Touch: Dead on Arrival 500 hits.Opera Mini 5 Beta 500 hits.Microsoft Says No TCP/IP Patches For XP 500 hits.$99 Quad Core CPU 500 hits.The World's Bravest Mouse (via) 500 hits.Happy Programmer's Day 500 hits.Mice Levitated in Lab 500 hits.Creating a Quantum Superposition of Living Things 500 hits.Beginnings of the Holodeck: AMD's DX11 GPU 500 hits.XKCD: Tech Support Cheat Sheet 500 hits.Dacia Logan vs. Porsche Important 500 hits.South Africa's Largest Telecomms Provider vs. Pigeon: Pigeon wins! 500 hits.Steve Jobs is back 500 hits.Michael Jackson Dance Tribute - Bucharest 500 hits.Monopoly on Google Maps 500 hits.South Africa's Largest Telecomms Provider vs. Pigeon 500 hits.Windows 7 Remote Crash 500 hits.More Android: HTC Tattoo 500 hits.PageRank Algorithm Applied To the Food Web 500 hits.Mozilla To Protect Adobe Flash Users 500 hits.Nokia X3, X6 500 hits.Hacking Swine Flu Important 500 hits.Nokia Pulling Out Of MWC 500 hits.How Gypsy gangs use child thieves (via) 500 hits.Brilliant: Advertisers Pay To Drive Traffic From One Place On Facebook To Another Place On Facebook 500 hits.Tour Companies Battle Over Trademarked Duck Noises 500 hits.EBay Sells Skype To Marc Andreessen 500 hits.Sony to put Google Chrome on Laptops Important 500 hits.Opera 10.0
31.08.200906:16timesofindia.indiatime...Over 500 hits.14 lions in Romanian zoo face death 500 hits.$6,300 a day Important 500 hits.How Facebook Ruins Friendships (via) Important 500 hits.EU bans all pearled, 100W clear incandescent lightbulbs Important 500 hits.Massive Twitter Security Problem 500 hits.Marketing Decapitation In Poland: Asians Ok, Blacks Maybe Not (via) 500 hits.The Pirate Bay Taken Offline By Swedish Authorities 500 hits.Wikipedia To Require Editing Approval Important 500 hits.Cheating the iPhone App Store 500 hits.High-Speed Robot Hand (via) 500 hits.What Wolfram Alpha Really Did This Summer: Struck A Deal With Bing 500 hits.Late To The Game: Adobe Now Lets You Share Videos On 500 hits.Crossing the road in Japan Important 500 hits.Thank you, Canon, for dropping out of the megapixel race
19.08.200907:47blog.searchenginewatch...Over 500 hits.Google Maps adds Romania to Map Maker 500 hits.Fortune names RIM fastest growing company... in the world 500 hits.Heathrow taxi pods become a glorious, driverless reality 500 hits.14-Year-Old Wins IOI 500 hits.Local Privilege Escalation On All Linux Kernels Since 2001 Important 500 hits.Minimum Wage, Maximum Stupidity Important 500 hits.World's First Formally-Proven OS Kernel 500 hits.Google Privacy Opt Out 500 hits.RO: Altex da faliment? 500 hits.Breakfast Can Wait. The Day’s First Stop Is Online. 500 hits.Facebook Buys FriendFeed Important 500 hits.Worldwide Slump Makes Nigeria's Online Scammers Work That Much Harder Important 500 hits.How Different Groups Spend Their Day Important 500 hits.Apple's new low: censoring a dictionary 500 hits.NASA's LCROSS Spacecraft Discovers Life On Earth 500 hits.Facebook Is Now the Fourth Largest Site In The World 500 hits.PayFail 500 hits.Intel Confirms Data Corruption Bug, Halts New SSDs 500 hits.Apple vs. Google: Tech's Newest Rivalry? Important 500 hits.Google CEO Eric Schmidt Resigns From Apple Board
02.08.200906:26www.muzeuldefotografie...Over 500 hits.RO: Bucuresti in Epoca de Aur 500 hits.MI5 website breached by hacker 500 hits.BIOS Rootkit Preloaded In 60% of New Laptops Important 500 hits.Windows Mobile becomes Windows Phone 500 hits.Microsoft and Yahoo Reach Deal 500 hits.92% of Windows PCs Vulnerable To Zero-Day Attacks On Flash Important 500 hits.RO: Utilizator de DC++ amendat 500 hits.Batman :) 500 hits.Critical Flaw Discovered In DD-WRT 500 hits.Eclipse Photos 500 hits.Paul Graham - Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule 500 hits.XKCD - Estimation Important 500 hits.XKCD in PHP Manual 500 hits.Elance Hit By Security Breach 500 hits.Gold sold like chocolate from German vending machines 500 hits.We Choose The Moon 500 hits.40 Years Important 500 hits.Hackers Find Remote iPhone Crack 500 hits.NASA To Trigger Massive Explosion On the Moon In Search of Ice 500 hits.LxLabs boss found hanged after exploit wipes websites
 19:59www.technologyreview.c...Over 500 hits.First Acoustic Black Hole Created Important 500 hits.How to Write an Equality Method in Java 500 hits.President Obama's first 167 days 500 hits.Google Chrome OS 500 hits.Multi-touch tab switching in Firefox 500 hits.Firefox 3.5 Final Important 500 hits.Pirate Bay Acquired for $7.8 million Important 500 hits.Carnivorous Clock Important 500 hits.RO: O femeie de etnie romă a lovit un poliÅ£ist francez cu un bebeluÅŸ (via) 500 hits.The Big Picture - Glastonbury 2009 500 hits.Micro-USB to be the standard phone charging port of Europe 500 hits.NYTimes and Wikipedia Save Reporter’s Life By NOT Reporting On His Capture 500 hits.The inside story of the Conficker worm Important 500 hits.The Web Collapses Under The Weight Of Michael Jackson's Death Important 500 hits.RIP MJ 500 hits.Firefox 3.5 RC3 (Final?) 500 hits.Google Adsense for Mobile Apps 500 hits.HTC Hero - with Flash and Multi-Touch! Important 500 hits.Intel and Nokia strike mobile CPU deal 500 hits.RO: Maşini şi inventivitatea românului Important 500 hits.RO: 6 cai frumoÅŸi - varianta Banca Transilvania 500 hits.Future Of Formula 1 In Doubt As Teams Bolt 500 hits.Dance around the world 500 hits.Pidgin Yahoo fix 500 hits.Samsung Jet 500 hits.Opera Unite 500 hits.Windows 7 E coming to Europe without Internet Explorer Important 500 hits.RO: Altă gafă tâmpă de la Antene 500 hits.FireFox 3.5 Treats Videos Like Web Pages Important 500 hits.Google News May Add Wikipedia as a Source Important 500 hits.Google and Microsoft sitting in a tree... 500 hits.Time Warner Confirmed Split With AOL 500 hits.Windows 7 RTM at the end of July! (via) Important 500 hits.Surprise! (NSFW) 500 hits.Introducing The Pancake: A Less Annoying Way To Move Through Google Street View 500 hits.Windows 7 goes on sale October 22nd, 2009 500 hits.Is Google Rewiring Our Brains? Important 500 hits.Wolfram Alpha Easter Eggs 500 hits.Go Bing Yourself 500 hits.General Motors on the brink of bankruptcy Important 500 hits.The real Human Interface 500 hits.Pay with Facebook 500 hits.Intel Lynnfield Preview: Rumblings of Revenge 500 hits.AdBlock for Google Chrome Important 500 hits.Bing! Microsoft Prepares For War With A Revamped Search Engine 500 hits.Google Wave Important 500 hits.Texas Makes Zombie Fire Ants 500 hits.The More Popular the Browser, the Slower It Is Important 500 hits.Firefox 3.5 gets a new logo 500 hits.Microsoft to banish memcpy() 500 hits.Nokia Ovi Store Launch Is A Complete Disaster 500 hits.Car-free Times Square 500 hits.Apple Tablet 500 hits.RO: Cucu la bloc Important 500 hits.Ads on Google's homepage (in Google Suggest) Important 500 hits.IE8 update forces IE as default browser 500 hits.Find the iPod :) (via)
17.05.200919:16www.wolframalpha.comOver 500 hits.Wolfram Alpha Important 500 hits.iPhone Penis App 500 hits.Intel Fined Over €1 Billion 500 hits.China: Where Patience Meets Speed 500 hits.Ballmer Talks at Stanford, Says Now is the Time for Entrepreneurs 500 hits.RO: Granite mentale 500 hits.Extreme Sheep LED Art Important 500 hits.Swine Flu - First Symptoms :)) 500 hits.O3D API - 3D shader-based applications in the browser 500 hits.Stop motion with wolf and pig Important 500 hits.Top 10 Star Trek Inventions in Use Today 500 hits.RIP Mininova Important 500 hits.This New Firefox Feature Could Solve the Login and OpenID Problems 500 hits.RO: Pula non stop! :)) Important 500 hits.RO: Doua la pret de una! 500 hits.Twitter To Start Indexing Links For Search 500 hits.Windows 7 RC1 available for download 500 hits.E.U. citizens fighting over food (May 1st, 2009) Important 500 hits.Romanian tennis player (may be NSFW) 500 hits.Windows 7 free for a year Important 500 hits.Google: Mowing with Goats 500 hits.Swine Flu - Pooh & Piglet 500 hits.Chrysler filing for bankruptcy 500 hits.Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 500 hits.MySpace is Dead - The Internet Is Growing Up 500 hits.The End of an Era - Yahoo Pulls The Plug On Geocities Important 500 hits.Search for "me" on Google 500 hits.XKCD - Can't Sleep? :)) Important 500 hits.XKCD - Parking 500 hits.Enicycle, the electric unicycle 500 hits.Firefox 3.0.9 500 hits.Oracle buys Sun for $7.4bn Important 500 hits.Parisians Hit The Streets In Protest Against Facebook Redesign Important 500 hits.The Pirate Bay Verdict 500 hits.Microsoft Ending Mainstream Support For XP 500 hits.CFLs Causing Utility Woes 500 hits.Twitter Worm Outbreak Important
11.04.200921:00www.todayandtomorrow.n...Over 500 hits.Dead pixel in Google Earth :)) (via)
 20:51developers.slashdot.or...Over 500 hits.COBOL Turning 50 500 hits.Windows 95 Almost Autodetected Floppy Disks Important 500 hits.Quantum Setback For Warp Drives 500 hits.Angry villagers run Google Street View out of town 500 hits.Will It Lens? 500 hits.Romanian trains Important 500 hits.RO: Test: Cât de român eşti? (via) 500 hits.Amazon - Order it used :) 500 hits.Violent Video Games Can Improve Vision 500 hits.New Yahoo Image Search Better Than Google's 500 hits.The Ugliest Logo Ever :) 500 hits.Demi Moore tweets to help alleged suicidal woman 500 hits.Google to Acquire Twitter? Important 500 hits.BMW X5 needs some more horsepower (via) 500 hits.F1rst! Important 500 hits.Firefox Personas 500 hits.RIP Encarta Important 500 hits.Harry Potter vs Scribd 500 hits.NVIDIA to buy significant stake in VIA?
27.03.200907:09googlesystem.blogspot....Over 500 hits.Google Images - search by color 500 hits.California May Ban Black Cars 500 hits.More Security Loopholes Found In Google Docs 500 hits.Meebo Turns Into One Big Ad 500 hits.Finally, an application useful for iPhone owners! 500 hits.RO: Salam Campofrio cu soarece (via) Important 500 hits.Twitter Tweaks Its Title Tags For Better Google Juice Important 500 hits.Brain Decline Begins At Age 27 500 hits.Cat Communication 500 hits.Ada Lovelace Day 500 hits.RO: RIP Flamingo 500 hits.Ext4FS "Bug" explained 500 hits.Parrot Secrets Important 500 hits.Symbian to become open-source
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 07:33www.searchenginejourna...Over 500 hits.Google Quietly Laying Off Engineers 500 hits.Nokia Shaping Up To Launch Its Very Own App Store?
04.02.200920:39www.therightperspectiv...Over 500 hits.Most zeroes on a banknote 500 hits.Did Google Just Kill All the Other Mobile Social Networks? Important 500 hits.Windows 7 to come in many delicious flavors 500 hits.Yahoo! Stops Serving Ads In RSS Feeds 500 hits.Google Ocean = Google Earth 5.0 Important 500 hits.Facebook Plans to Make Money by Selling Your Data Important 500 hits.Exploding cellphones make another victim 500 hits.Google apologizes for today's "human error" 500 hits.Nokia releases "Curse of Silence" removal application 500 hits.World's Fastest Electric Car Important 500 hits.WD launches first 2TB internal hard drive 500 hits.Overclocked AMD Phenom II sets new 3DMark record 500 hits.Gigapixel Photo from Obama Inauguration 500 hits.Booting Windows 7 From A File (via) 500 hits.Google Mobile Can’t Find The Palm Pre 500 hits.Google Bails On Print Ads (And Newspapers) 500 hits.LG overtakes Motorola for third place in global handset shipments 500 hits.Obama Gets Personal Google Earth Update 500 hits.Why Google Employees Quit 500 hits.Lexus To Start Spamming Car Buyers In Their Cars 500 hits.Google Axes Dodgeball, Jaiku, Video and More Important 500 hits.XKCD - Windows 7 500 hits.The Deal That Could Have Saved Nortel 500 hits.By installing Java, you will be able to experience the power of Java 500 hits.Apple Without Its Core Important 500 hits.Golden Globes 2009 - Winners 500 hits.Are We Killing The Planet One Google Search At A Time? 500 hits.Firefox in Russia dumps Google for Yandex (via) Important 500 hits.RO: Instrumentul de eliminare software rău-intenţionat Microsoft Windows :)) 500 hits.CES 2009: Skype Mobile 500 hits.Google Get A New Favicon (Again) 500 hits.Free Download: Windows 7 Beta 500 hits.CES 2009: Victorinox Swiss Army Knife with USB Drive 500 hits.CES 2009: NVidia GTX 295 and 285 500 hits.Microsoft Tag: The CueCat Returns on Your Mobile Phone 500 hits.Google Releases First Pre-Beta of Chrome 2.0 Important 500 hits.RO: Criza in versuri 500 hits.RO: Cretinatate amendata cu 50 de milioane 500 hits.AMD Phenom II X4 940 & 920: A True Return to Competition Important 500 hits.CES 2009: ASUS Expands the Eee Family 500 hits.XKCD - Converting to Metric 500 hits.MacBook Wheel 500 hits.Celebrity Twitter Accounts Hacked 500 hits.The Secret Origins of Clippy 500 hits.Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S. 500 hits.30GB Zunes Failing Everywhere, All At Once 500 hits.I Can Has Cheezburger? Yes We Can! :)) (via) 500 hits.'Curse of Silence' exploit squelches inbound SMS/MMS to Nokia S60 devices Important 500 hits.Rumor: Marissa Mayer to leave Google in 2009 500 hits.Nanocar inventor takes top science award 500 hits.VMware Brings Virtualization to Mobile Phones 500 hits.MD5 collision creates rogue Certificate Authority Important 500 hits.iBoobs 500 hits.Baby To Be Born Without the Gene For Breast Cancer 500 hits.Windows XP Gets Another Life Extension 500 hits.RIP Abit 500 hits.Dubai Is Building a Refrigerated Beach 500 hits.New font uses holes to cut ink use 500 hits.Blood From Mosquito Traps Car Thief Important 500 hits.Australia to block BitTorrent 500 hits.Windows 7 beta 1 500 hits.Microsoft Invents $1.15/Hour Homework Fee For Kids Important 500 hits.RO: Garda Financiara - Comisariatul General 500 hits.XKCD - Google Trends 500 hits.Laptops outship desktops for the first time worldwide 500 hits.Scientists discover new forest with undiscovered species on Google Earth 500 hits.Americans driving in Iraq (via) 500 hits.Cellphone hacked to analyze blood, detect diseases on the spot 500 hits.RO: Pagini Aurii fun (via) 500 hits.XKCD - Flow Charts 500 hits.Love goes through the stomach :)) 500 hits.Internet or sex, which would you choose? 500 hits.Sleep Mailing 500 hits.Apple announces final MacWorld, Steve Jobs won't deliver keynote 500 hits.RO: RCS-RDS scumpeÅŸte cablul ÅŸi netul fără să anunÅ£e oficial clienÅ£ii 500 hits.Firefox 3.0.5 500 hits.Inventor Builds Robot Wife Important 500 hits.The Billionaire Bloggers 500 hits.New critical unpatched bug in IE 500 hits.Bush Shoe-Dodging Video Important 500 hits.Merry Creature Christmas! 500 hits.Microsoft Launches iPhone Application 500 hits.RO: Dacia 1310, schimb cu tuica :) 500 hits.iFart :) 500 hits.$50 Billion Fraud on Wall Street Important 500 hits.Estonia becomes first nation with mobile voting Important 500 hits.German Gov't Donates 100,000 Images To Wikipedia 500 hits.Lenovo OPhone 500 hits.Logos for the recession (via) 500 hits.RO: Romania, pe locul 3 in lume la viteza broadband-ului Important 500 hits.UK ISPs Filtering Access to Wikipedia Important 500 hits.Nikon face detection :) (via) 500 hits.Romania removes theory of evolution from school curriculum (via) 500 hits.Teacher Sells Ads On Tests 500 hits.YouTube videos now in HD 500 hits.Copper Thieves Jeopardize US Infrastructure (via) 500 hits.Google Was Three Hours Away From Being Charged As A Monopolist Important 500 hits.Venice Under Water 500 hits.Windows Vista SP2 Beta 500 hits.Nokia N97 500 hits.YouTube virus Important 500 hits.Only in .ro: Notorious spammer elected as youngest-ever Romanian senator (via) Important 500 hits.Linux on the iPhone 500 hits.RO: eMag s-a vandut 500 hits.Google Layoffs (via) 500 hits.Urine Passes NASA Taste Test 500 hits.Firefox China Edition 500 hits.GCC hacks in the Linux kernel 500 hits.Gmail Exploit May Aid Domain Hijacking 500 hits.Unhappy People Watch More TV
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04.07.200818:53google-latlong.blogspo...Over 500 hits.Google Street View for the route of Tour de France 500 hits.Hitachi working on 5TB hard drive 500 hits.Google Maps Mobile - Voice Search 500 hits.Wooden Binary Calculator Important 500 hits.NVIDIA says "significant quantities" of laptop GPUs are defective, stock tumbles 500 hits.London Tube Hacked 500 hits.Google learns to crawl Flash 500 hits.Psion: The Last Computer Important 500 hits.North Pole Ice On Track To Melt By September? 500 hits.Diablo 3 500 hits.RO: Un ţăran cu laptop 500 hits.What kids want from the mobile phone (via) 500 hits.XKCD Loves the Discovery Channel (see also) Important 500 hits.Virgin Mobile Acquires Helio for $39m 500 hits.Dubai plans 'moving' skyscraper 500 hits.Japan Imposes "Fine On Fat" Important 500 hits.New functional language - C# 500 hits.Nokia Acquires Symbian! Important 500 hits.Google Android Delayed 500 hits.Plazes sold to Nokia 500 hits.Hotmail Full Version Incompatible With Firefox 3 500 hits."It'll Never Work!" 500 hits.Hacking the Coffee Maker
 11:52blog.seattlepi.nwsourc...Over 500 hits.Man gets Windows Vista to work with printer 500 hits.Is America's suburban dream collapsing into a nightmare? Important
 17:22developers.slashdot.or...Over 500 hits.Do Women Write Better Code? 500 hits.RO: Guvernul a băgat 2,5 milioane de euro într-un site cu 70 de vizitatori (si mai bagă 1 milion) (via) Important 500 hits.RO: Olimpic român arestat în Italia pentru furt (via) 500 - Destroy the web 500 hits.FF 3.0 Direct Download Link 500 hits.Is the Google Toolbar a Trojan Horse for Ad Targeting? 500 hits.NASA Plans to Visit the Sun 500 hits.Unicorn deer 500 hits.Tomorrow: Firefox 3 Download Day 500 hits.NVidia GeForce GTX 280 and 260 Important 500 hits.XKCD - Purity Important 500 hits.Google (heart) Yahoo 500 hits.Yahoo, Microsoft Talks End Without Deal; Shares Slide 500 hits.Firefox 3 Final... in less than a week 500 hits.HP Takes on Apple with the New Voodoo 500 hits.Windows XP SP3 Causing Router Crashes 500 hits.Firefox 3.0 RC3 500 hits.Nokia N85, N79, 5800, 6260 500 hits.HP goes wild: 16 new business / consumer laptop models 500 hits.Burundi Banknote Copyright Infringement (via) Important 500 hits.iPhone 3G @ $199 !!! Important 500 2.0 500 hits.Weather Forecasting Stone (via) 500 hits.Now that's a "critical update"! 500 hits.GMail Labs 500 hits.Bye Bye Bananas
 06:31disneyworld.disney.go....Over 500 hits.Disney World in Google Earth 500 hits.The Nehalem Preview: Intel Does It Again 500 hits.Stonehenge As a Royal Family's Burial Site 500 hits.NVidia Geforce 9M Series for Laptops 500 hits.A Look At the Workings of Google's Data Centers 500 hits.Supercomputer Built With 8 GPUs 500 hits.Meet the Mini-Pigs 500 hits.Controlling your fertility via remote 500 hits.RIP Yves Saint Laurent 500 hits.Adobe Launches and Acrobat 9 500 hits.The Happiest Place On Earth Important 500 hits.Google To Launch Large Scale Geo-Services Important 500 hits.FeedBurner Finally Rolls Out AdSense 500 hits.Firefox 3.0 RC2 - ETA June 5 500 hits.Google Outed As Anonymous Ebay Critic 500 hits.Firefox 3 - Set a Guinness World Record 500 hits.Bill and Steve and Woz Important 500 hits.Photoshopped? (via) 500 hits.The iPhone patent
29.05.200806:19google-latlong.blogspo...Over 500 hits.Google Earth Browser Plugin 500 hits.Cell Phone in Microwave Important 500 hits.Centrino 2 Delayed :( 500 hits.:)) 500 hits.Windows 7 with multi-touch support 500 hits.The Internet FAQ from 2085 (via) 500 hits.Facebook To Open Source Facebook Platform 500 hits.Asus EEE Desktop -- EBOX 500 hits.New use for MacBook Air (via) Important 500 hits.Mars Phoenix lander has near-perfect landing, says "it's really cold out here" 500 hits.Linux May Power New Nokia Phones 500 hits.RO: Să-i dăm lui Muia un slogan :) 500 hits.Inside Steve's Brain 500 hits.Nanosoccer 500 hits.Where Does Google Go Next? 500 hits.RO: Laba te scapa de griji! :)) 500 hits.Geohashing :) 500 hits.Lost parrot tells veterinarian his address 500 hits.XKCD - Security Holes 500 hits.World Wide Telescope: An Example of Why Nobody Wants to Install Software 500 hits.3G iPhone launch date confirmed: June 9 500 hits.Google Health Released 500 hits.Yahoo, Microsoft Back At The Table 500 hits.Firefox 3.0 RC1 (via) 500 hits.iPhone in Romania -- by Orange Important 500 hits.Facebook Bans Google Friend Connect Important 500 hits.Icahn vows to lead Yahoo shareholder revolt 500 hits.ATI Radeon 4800 vs. NVidia GeForce 9900 500 hits.CBS To Acquire CNET For $1.8 Billion 500 hits.Google Overtakes Yahoo As Most Popular Site, ComScore Says Important 500 hits.Adobe Flash Player 10 (beta) 500 hits.The First Genetically Modified Human Embryo Important 500 hits.China to Regulate Internet Map Publishing 500 hits.Hawking Searching For Africa's Einsteins 500 hits.Google Maps API for Flash 500 hits.The Cost of Living on the Edge 500 hits.Google begins blurring faces in Street View 500 hits.The NeoCube
 08:41www.worldwidetelescope...Over 500 hits.Microsoft WorldWide Telescope released Important 500 hits.Google Confirms Friend Connect 500 hits.Google Is A Malware Site (Says Yahoo) (via) 500 hits.A Guardian Angel In Your Cell Phone Important 500 hits.Google's Street View Meets Resistance In France 500 hits.Apple halts online iPhone sales 500 hits.Karate Cats 500 hits.Interactive LED Coffee Table Demo 500 hits.Rubikubism 500 hits.Google Street View Sabotage 500 hits.Firefox Infects Vietnamese Users With Trojan Code 500 hits.Desktops of the future, here today 500 hits.RO: Comenzi in trafic! Important 500 hits.Homeless James Bond :)) 500 hits.Windows XP SP3 Sows Havoc, Users Complain Important 500 hits.RO: Google Translate in romana! Important 500 hits.Animal Kingdom's Odd Couples 500 hits.Microsoft oPhone :) 500 hits.Opera Dragonfly 500 hits.Things men should be able to do :) 500 hits.Canon Camera Hacking - Unofficial Firmware Important 500 hits.RO: eJobs XSS (via) 500 hits.Google Translate for Hindi
 11:31gpl.internetconnection...Over 500 hits.Javascript vi 500 hits.Vodafone releasing iPhone in Australia, Italy, India, and seven other countries 500 hits.RO: Frauda Bancpost (update) Important 500 hits.Warmth And Privacy While Using Your Laptop :) 500 hits.Dacia Logan Facelift (via)
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